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Part of the mission of The Health Work & Wellness™ Group is to provide direct and timely access to credible research and tools that are developed in the field of organizational health. Below you will find some interesting articles and links to recent research in this field.

Making informed decisions about one’s health is a huge part of success in any treatment. As is maintained by the specialists of My Canadian Pharmacy on the pages of their official website where they provide gigabytes of useful information, being able to engage in a dialogue with doctor and ask the right questions is oftentimes what makes the difference between successful and subpar healthcare course.

Please share with us any recent peer-reviewed research reports/articles that you are aware of and that may be useful to others in the Health Work & Wellness™ Community that could be posted on this page.


  • Sustainable Design and Sustainable Organization
  • Employer Engagement in Employee Health is a Good Investment
  • The 10 traits top leaders possess

Numerous articles on sustainable business practices and sustainability written by Andree Iffrig – a writer and graduate architect with a passion for all things sustainable. This website will be updated regularly with new articles.


  • Press Release: 2010 Pioneer Award Winner, Zorianna Hyworon, Founder, President and CEO of InfoTech Inc.
  • 2009 Environmental Scan on Workplace Health
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • The Community Guide: Worksite Health Promotion

Reports by Linda Duxbury and Chris Higgins – National Study of Work-Life Conflict

  • Report One: The 2001 National Work-Life Conflict Study: puts the series into context by describing the sample of employees who participated in the research and examining the various “risk factors” associated with work-life conflict.
  • Report Two: Work-life Conflict in Canada in the New Millennium – A Status Report: makes the business case for change by looking at how high levels role overload, work to family interference, family to work interference, caregiver strain and spillover from work to family) affect employers, employees and their families.
  • Report Three: Exploring the Link between Work-Life Conflict and the Use of Canada’s Health Care System: focuses on how work-life conflict affects Canada’s health care system (i.e., quantifies the system demands associated with high work-life conflict and attempts to put some kind of dollar value on how much it costs Canada to treat the health consequences of such conflict).
  • Report Four: Who Is at Risk? Predictors of High Work-Life Conflict: It identifies key risk factors for role overload, work interferes with family, family interferes with work and caregiver strain.
  • Report Five: Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn’t? This report examines what employers, employees and their families can do to reduce work-life conflict.

Other Reports by Linda Duxbury

  • Work-Life Balance in the New Millennium: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go? (2001) CPRN Discussion Paper No. W|12 October 2001
  • Voices of Canadians: Seeking Work-Life Balance (2003)
  • Where to Work in Canada? An Examination of Regional Differences in Work-Life Practices (2003)

Recommended Reading

  • About Perserverance by Margaret J. Wheatley
  • An excerpt from the first chapter of Margaret Wheatley’s new book called ‘For Persevering People’
  • An excerpt from the second chapter of Margaret Wheatley’s new book called ‘For Persevering People’
  • Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success by Graham Lowe
  • From The World’s Highest Mountains » Lessons for Leaders by Eileen McDargh
  • GOOD LEADER, BAD LEADER by Mary Jo Huard 2009

Recommended Viewing

  • TED: Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action
  • Drilling Down and Whysing Up: Building Innovation and Insight by Jennifer Walinga

Business and Economic Round Table on Addiction and Mental Health’s Roadmap for Mental Health

Click here for a free download on a great resource on mental health from NQI.

Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute (IRSST)
Located in Montreal, QC, the IRSST’s scientific activities are concentrated in seven research fields: accidents, chemical substances and biological agents, musculoskeletal disorders, noise and vibration, protective equipment, occupational rehabilitation, safety of industrial tools, machines and processes. More than 1 000 research reports are available for free download (

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Healthy Workplace Month

October 4 – 31, 2010
A specific month is set aside each year to increase awareness about the importance of workplace health to personal and organizational performance. Visit the website for ideas to assist you in developing a strategic approach to organizational health, as well as some great activities to implement and celebrate Healthy Workplace Month in your organization.

My Canadian Pharmacy – healthcare developments

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Canadian Mental Health Association

Workplace Mental Health Promotion

The purpose of this  resource is to provide workplace intermediaries with a high-quality,  research-based, practical tool to improve the health of individuals and organizations. This resource uses a comprehensive workplace health promotion approach and promotes a continuous process that looks at  environmental improvement (physical, psychosocial, organizational,  economic), personal empowerment and personal growth.

What People Say

“What a wonderful reaffirmation for the work we do! To be in a room filled with others dedicated to wellness in the workplace reinvigorated my soul and reminded me why I do what it is I do. What a joy! Thank you to everyone who put on the event, to the volunteers, to those who came, to those who wanted to come but couldn’t, and to everyone in workplaces everywhere.”— Sarah HauchCorporate Wellness Coordinator EH Price