Past Conferences

Here’s our story…

Right from the very first Health Work & Wellness™ conference in 1997, our objective has been to shine a spotlight on the key issues in the development of healthy businesses. The following snapshots of past conferences show an evolution of thought and approach to the challenges we all face in striving to create better workplaces.

Vancouver 1997

The inaugural conference “Make it Your Business” – focused on vision, mission and values and brought together 550+ delegates from across the country. Our speakers wove together the threads of “health”, “work” and “wellness” to reveal the fabric from which a truly healthy business is made.

Whistler 1998

“Joint adVentures” explored the seemingly endless possibilities for the development and maintenance of healthy business though joint ventures involving employers, unions and employees.

Vancouver 1999

“Growing Smart Companies” looked beyond the bottom line and gave delegates new insights into the range of factors that contribute to the growth and success of healthy businesses.

Toronto 2000

Our first venture outside of British Columbia, “Balancing Values with Economics” scrutinized the balance healthy businesses must maintain between good corporate citizenship and financial success.

Calgary 2001

Building on the lessons of Conference 2000, “Making Sound Investments” highlighted the need for investment in employees as a basis for building healthy businesses.

Lake Louise 2002

No better setting for “Strategic Solutions for Stress” and for delegates to discuss the economic, business and social elements for the increase in workplace stress, and to develop strategies at an organizational level to reduce stress and build healthy businesses.

Gatineau 2003

“Leading by Example” gave delegates an opportunity to learn from the experiences of speakers and facilitators whose proven success in building healthy businesses were real life testaments to the workplace wellness philosophy.

Vancouver 2004

“Transforming the Organization” was a formidable theme. Delegates heard that tweaking a dysfunctional organization would not lead to a healthy business. Real transformation to address the root causes of issues and build a foundation for sustained well-being is the key.

Montreal 2005

“The Next Generation” explored the emergence of a new perception of organizational health as a vehicle for promoting healthy business by shedding old ideas and encouraging innovative thinking.

Vancouver 2006

A fitting theme for out 10th anniversary, “People…Performance…Profit” celebrated the three pillars of a healthy business and examined what it takes to achieve success in each of these areas.

Toronto 2007

“Conquer the CHAOS” brought delegates face-to-face with the alarming reality that the technologies we hoped would make our working lives easier were, at times, an intolerable burden and a threat to healthy business.

Calgary 2008

“Moving Forward…Giving Back” expanded the notion of corporate social responsibility into an examination of how healthy businesses remain successful by continuing to reinvest in the people and the communities where they operate.

Gatineau 2009

“Taking Care of Business” was structured to show that a healthy business looks after far more than just its balance sheet. Employees, customers, communities and branch offices all need careful attention.

Vancouver 2010

The focus of Conference 2010 was “Thinking Organizations…SUCCEED!” as we explored what is required to build a thinking organization.