A healthy organization is one that supports employees’ need for mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being, and is regarded by employees as “great” or “exceptional”. In the face of rapidly changing technology and 24/7 work stress, organizational health becomes even more crucial to business success. Simplified procedures and clarified priorities are essential to address the demands of the knowledge-based economy. Distracted, unfocused and unproductive employees will not provide the creativity, innovation and loyalty organizations need to get ahead and stay there.

What Makes an Organization Extraordinary?

We’ve scanned the literature and found that among all of the things that make a workplace extraordinary, the six below are the cream of the crop.

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What People Say

“I was very impressed. I was able to meet different people, and to hear different opinions on a variety of issues. Exchange in the sessions was great. I really appreciated the professionalism of how this event was run. The food was great and the after hours entertainment and speakers were wonderful; conference staff went out of their way to help participants. Top notch in every sense.”— Michael ArseneaultRegional Vice-President, Union of Solicitor General Employees for Corrections, Atlantic Canada