Founder’s Message

“You see things and say ?Why?’ but I dream things that never were and I say “Why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw

Health Work & Wellness™ began as an idea. One of those ideas you get in the middle of the night that make you get up and write a business plan! Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time when that idea came, and with the help of a fantastic, creative team, I was able to fill a much-needed niche in Canada.

Fifteen years ago, when I wondered why Canada didn’t have a national conference on organizational health, I thought about George Bernard Shaw’s question and asked “Why not?”
Since that time, we’ve run 14 fantastic conferences, management forums, and speaker coaching sessions and have recently added consulting to the mix of what we offer through the Health Work & Wellness™ Group. And the script is not finished yet!

The incredibly talented group of people at the Health Work & Wellness™ Group continue to dream about what’s possible. To me, that is the essence of possibility: having a dream, a vision of what might be, and saying, “Why not?”

Until every workplace in Canada is extraordinary, we will keep asking that question and continue looking for possibilities that will provide positive solutions.

Deborah Connors is the President and Founder of the Health Work & Wellness™ Group

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What People Say

“Great conference organization, great information, idea generation and networking. Thank you! “— Holly Kennedy-SymondsBurnaby, BC