Conference Management

Well-Advised Consulting Inc

Well-Advised Consulting is run by Deborah Connors, the founder and chair of the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference. Well-Advised is a member of the Health Work & Wellness™ Consulting Group. Our associates offer the following services:

  • Organizational Health Event Planning & Facilitation
  • Corporate Culture Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Healthy Business Consultation
  • Strategic Communications Planning & Training
  • Keynotes, Workshops and Facilitation
  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling/Coaching
  • Organizational Health Strategies
  • Neuroscience and Well-Being
  • Government, Media and Public Relations

What People Say

“We too often get caught in the downward spiral of trying to achieve work-life balance, but the Health, Work & Wellness™ Conference opened up a realm of possibilities that organizations and individuals can attain.”— Tanya Ponnan, Research AnalystLabour Relations Department Greater Vancouver Regional District