Fifteen years ago, the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference started as a seed of an idea, one that started with “why isn’t anyone doing this?” and quickly evolved into “let’s do this!” Since then, we’ve been hosting Canada’s annual gathering place on organizational health that has inspired and influenced change in Canadian business. But this success is not due to us, the organizers. It is the delegates, the speakers, the partners and the supporters that have made the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference what it is today, a fantastic success, fifteen years on. So in honour of our anniversary year, let’s celebrate together at Conference 2011!

Join the festivities in Toronto on the evening of Wednesday October 5th as we mark the 15th Anniversary of the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference. Sure to be an exciting evening of fun and entertainment (with a little bit of education thrown in, of course!), you are promised an evening you won’t forget!

What People Say

“I really appreciated the ability to move through several one hour sessions and take advantage of many topics with expert speakers from the field of organizational health. Not many credible conferences such as this one are available in Canada.”— Wendy KirkosManager, Workplace Wellness and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs – Healthy Lifestyles Division, Regional Municipality of York