What is the Health & Wellness Conference all about?

Through this conference, a community of like-minded people has emerged. Until the Health Work & Wellness™ Conference, there was no annual national forum for those individuals interested in creating positive, healthy change in their organizations. In 1997, 550 people came together in one place for one purpose – creating healthier workplaces in Canada. Since then, we’ve met annually to share ideas on creating high-performing, extraordinary organizations. Don’t miss this important event that has been shaping Canadian workplaces for 15 years!

Our Mission

Creating extraordinary workplaces by developing extraordinary people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see healthy organizations become “the expected” versus “the extraordinary.”

We fulfill this vision by creating possibilities for all of us as leaders to build on what is right in our organizations. We are a leading resource for information, tools and strategies and a year-round forum for innovative idea exchange.

Our Values

  • Passion – Much of the success of Health Work & Wellness™ rests on the passion that drives it. We recognize that tapping into the passion in each individual is what sets our organization apart.
  • Respect – We respect the diverse thoughts, actions, time and choices of our team, our clients, our partners and our suppliers.
  • Trust – By trusting one another, we create a positive work environment that promotes confidence and encourages participation and creativity.
  • Responsibility – We each take responsibility for our own well-being, and accept joint responsibility for the well-being of the team.
  • Life Balance – We encourage a balance between work, relaxation and fun, and recognize its value in making us better able to contribute individually and as a team.
  • Flexibility – We believe teams are most creative and productive when individual members contribute in a way that best suits their work style.
  • Growing Together – We encourage and coach each other to learn and grow individually – to become better leaders and better people. We also grow together with our partners – by listening to their needs, learning from mistakes and continuing to improve the quality of the conference each year.

What People Say

“The Conference was great and I took back some tools to assist me in “making a case” for wellness programs, including parameters around Information Technology to support a healthier organization.”— Denise PattynHR Manager, South Eastman Health