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Nominate a colleague for the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award!
Deadline for submission is October 17th
The 2014 conference will take place November 24–26, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary, AB
Welcome our Keynote Presenters for 2014!
Michael Landsberg
Michael Landsberg
TSN’s Off The Record
Michael Bungay Stanier
Michael Bungay Stanier
Senior Partner,
Box of Crayons
Jacqueline Carter
Jacqueline Carter
The Potential Project
Dr. Linda Duxbury
Dr. Linda Duxbury
Sprott School of Business


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Conference Team

Through this conference, a community of like-minded people has emerged. Until The Better Workplace Conference (formerly known as Health, Work and Wellness), there was no annual national forum for those individuals interested in creating positive, healthy change in their organizations. In 1997, 550 people came together in one place for one purpose – creating better workplaces in Canada. Since then, we’ve met annually to share ideas on creating high-performing, extraordinary organizations. Don’t miss this important event that has been shaping Canadian workplaces for over 15 years!

The Better Workplace Conference will be held this year on November 24–26, 2014 in Calgary, AB. Details on this exciting event are here.

  • Karla Thorpe

    Karla Thorpe, Director, Workplace Health and Wellness Research

    Karla is a Director with the Leadership and Human Resources Research Division of The Conference Board of Canada. Since joining the Board five years ago, Karla has been actively involved in research in the area of compensation, benefits, health and wellness, workforce planning and labour relations. Most recently, she co-authored a research report entitled Making the Business Case for Investments in Workplace Health and Wellness which provides guidance to employers on how to measure the impact of investments in workplace health and wellness initiatives. Karla is currently working on a research project that will focus on disability management for employees with both physical and mental health issues.

  • Brenda LeFort-MacLean

    Brenda LeFort-MacLean, Director, Conference Programs

    Brenda leads the Conference Programs group at the Board. She oversees an annual portfolio of approximately 40 conferences and events across Canada. Brenda has over 20 years experience in event management, program development and sponsor and marketing partnerships as well as overall event marketing, logistics and delivery. She also has extensive experience in operational, project, people and financial management and particularly enjoys working in the areas of HR, health, work & wellness.

  • Deborah Connors

    Deborah Connors, Founder & Conference Advisor

    Deb founded The Better Workplace Conference in 1997 and has watched it grow since then into Canada’s premiere business conference on organizational health. Her commitment to helping organizations plan and implement healthier working environments has earned Deb a reputation as a visionary leader, which was recognized by her peers when she received the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award in 2004. Deb’s company, Well-Advised Consulting Inc., which she established in 1991, provides strategic guidance to organizations looking to improve organizational health and the well-being of their employees. Deb and her family enjoy a high quality of life on Vancouver Island.

  • John Brewer

    John Brewer, Executive Conference Developer

    John is the owner of Idea Exchange, and has over 20 years’ experience producing conferences on change, human resources, diversity, IT, pensions, risk, governance, compensation, and project management. John has been developing events for The Conference Board of Canada since 2000. His current focus is on social media, health, wellness, mindfulness, and the value of poetry in tough situations.

  • Tracie Jones

    Tracie Jones, Senior Marketer, Conference Programs

    Tracie has been with The Conference Board of Canada since 2004, bringing 10 years of experience in the areas of strategic conference marketing, sponsorship liaising, copy writing and special event management.

  • Rhonda Bradbury

    Rhonda Bradbury, Sponsor Partnership Liaison

    Rhonda is the main sponsorship contact for each of the Conference Board’s events. During her 11 years working with the Board, she has worked with sponsors and partners on over 200 events in topic areas such as Human Resources, Health, Risk Management, Change and Transformation, Project Management, Corporate Governance, Energy and Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, and many others.

What People Say

“This is the first time I have had the opportunity to attend the Conference and I must say it was one of the best I have attended. The information and knowledge provided was exactly what I was hoping for and then some.” — Conference 2011 Delegate